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Sample Resumes

    Sample resumes provided here pull together the techniques that have been discussed in this site.  Each sample resume is complete with a specific, real-life situation.  Whether you are a manager, an executive, a fresh graduate from college, an ex-army personnel, a professional, an ex-offender who has turned over a new leaf, or a housewife, you can make direct use of the sample resumes provided here.  If you can't find a sample resume that can fit you directly, then try to choose those related elements in the sample resume provided here and incorporate into yours.

    Each sample resume is labeled by format.  The sample resumes are also intended to serve as good example for any career-oriented resume and lesson from each resume sample can be applied to your own used.

Sample Resumes:

Functional Sample Resumes:

Chronological Sample Resumes:

Professional or Combination Sample Resumes:

    Sample resumes provided here show how you can present your background in its most favorable light. Hopefully the sample resumes here have provided you with some fresh idea to display your skills and experience effectively.  Follow any of these sample resumes, or borrow from several, the choice is yours.

Good Luck!


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