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Create Resume With Action Verbs

    This page will show you how to write a good resume using action verbs given here.  When creating a resume, focus on accomplishments that have noticeable or measurable effects on some part of your work.  Apply action verbs with measurable description of achievements.

    The action verbs given here can be applied to any field when creating a resume.

achieved conceptualized directed implemented maintained prepared saved
administered conducted eliminated increased managed produced scheduled
advanced contracted established initiated negotiated promoted streamlined
advised controlled evaluated innovated organized provided supervised
analyzed coordinated expanded instituted planned reduced taught
authored cut focused introduced prepared restructured trained
coached decreased identified led produced reversed trimmed

    When creating a resume, avoid:

  • using lots of statements and descriptions that appear to have been copied directly from corporate personnel file.

  • using buzz words and tech-talk when creating your resume.


    A resume that is written using active, energetic verbs and phrases to stress your accomplishments will definitely attract the resume readers' attention.   A well created resume should contain a balance of job content and accomplishments. 

    Here are some contrasting examples of statements often found in resume.  Resume created on the left are dull. In addition, this resume tells only half the story.  Create resume using action phase on the right which present a larger context in which to evaluate the resume writer more fully.

Avoid To Create Resume With Dull Phrase

Create Resume With Impact Phrase

Raise level of sales above previous year

Reverse negative sales trend; sales up 50% over previous year.

House of household with six people for past 7 years.

Managed and organized six member household with annual budget of $36,000.

Marketed new travel plan to corporations, increased sales to $19 million.

Initiated new market concept of packaging travel to corporations for incentive programs, resulting sales of $19 million.

Lower operating cost in my division by $135,000.

Initiated cost reduction plan in my division, resulting in 27% ($135,000) cost reduction with no negative impact on production capability.

Put on training for supervisor in co-operation.

Conducted leadership training for 48 supervisory and management level staff members.

Increased sales and profitability despite lower budget.

Expanded market penetration sales by 14% with profitability despite during period of budgetary cutback.

    In the preceding examples, you will notice a relationship between action verbs used in phrases with impact in a well created resume.  When creating resume with action verbs, you should have detailed descriptions of accomplishments.  This is because action verbs invite further questions from your prospective employer when reading your resume.

    Create resume with the technique given and you will be able to attract attention from the prospective employers.


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