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Resume Writing Tips

    Resume tips provided here serve as a brief guide to structuring a resume that is physically appealing and complementary to your background to help your resume stand out in your prospective employer's eyes.Resume Writing Tips

  • The first resume tip is to consider the paper used for your resume.  The paper used should be off-white to help your resume stand out in a pile.  Refrain from using darker colors which could look unprofessional.

  • The second resume tip is limit your resume to 1-2 pages, emphasizing quality and not quantity.

  • The third resume tip is to leave out your current salary as some employers filter out candidates by their current salary.

  • The 4th resume tips is to focus on your achievements and not just your job duties. Ensure that the achievements are relevant to the job position.

  • The 5th resume tip is to number all the pages, if you have more than one page. Type your contact on every page.  Hence, even if a page is lost, the employer can still contact you.

  • The 6th resume tip is to leave out your age, race and marital status. Some companies return resumes that contain personal information that may lead to discrimination.

  • The 7th resume tip is proofread for grammatical and spelling errors. Employers see errors as sloppy work. Have someone other than yourself read your resume. Mistakes on a resume are unacceptable and may prove disastrous.

    Finally, distribute your resume to as many employers as possible. The more employers see your resume, the higher your chances in securing interviews and eventually job offers.


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