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Resume Cover Letter

Resume Cover Letter is important.  Every job seeker needs a Resume Cover Letter to be attached together with the resume they want to send.  After all, a potential employer who opens hundreds of resumes and letters daily isn't likely to read the resumes in absence of Resume Cover Letters. 

    Effective Resume Cover Letter may help to convey a sense of purpose.  Resume Cover Letter projects an air of enthusiasm regarding the writer and the company for which the writer wants to work in.

Resume Cover Letter Objectives

Resume Cover Letter that is well-written will satisfy the following objectives:

  • resume cover letter offers job seeker an opportunity to personalize and target the resume to a particular person.

  • resume cover letter allows the resume writer to direct a particular attention to specific skills that may be important to the reader.

  • resume cover letter enables the applicant to state why this organization is of interest to him or her.

  • resume cover letter also opens the door for further communication and allows follow through.

Some tips to guide you when writing your Resume Cover Letter:

  • If possible, you should address your Resume Cover Letter to a specific individual within the company. Otherwise, your resume is more likely to get lost in the shuffle. Conduct a little research about the company or call them and ask who to send it to if a contact name is not overtly given.

  • Limit the Resume Cover Letter to maximum of 200 words.

  • In the standard Resume Cover Letter format, the introduction should clearly state what job position you are applying for. This should not only be the focus of the opening paragraph, but it should also be the focus of the opening sentence. One sentence should be enough for the opening paragraph of your Resume Cover Letter, but you may want to consider using an additional sentence to mention the name of a personal contact within the company who recommended the job to you or to briefly mention your qualifications for the job.

  • The body of your Resume Cover Letter should contain your sales pitch. Use several sentences to mention the specific job skills and accomplishments that make you the ideal candidate for the open position. Elaborate in your Resume Cover Letter by using brief examples to explain why your unique job skills make you the right person for the job. Don't painstakingly list all your wonderful qualities; just stick to the qualities that are relevant to the open position.

  • In the conclusion of the Resume Cover Letter, state your desire to meet with the company recruiter or hiring manager in person. To facilitate this, provide your preferred contact method and invite the employer to contact you at anytime to set up the interview. Close the paragraph by thanking the employer for considering your application.

Resume Cover Letter Samples:


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