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Resume Cover Letter Sample 3

    Resume Cover Letter given here is an ideal format to use when responding to an advertisement.




Good Day:

     The position of Chief Financial Officer, outlined in your advertisement of August 17, 1999, matches my career interests and is strongly compatible with my skills and experience. 

     The fact your company is a manufacturer and distributor in both international and domestic locations is of particular interest, since these responsibilities coincide with my recent activities.

     As a Financial Officer for an international corporation, I have considerable experience in directing the full spectrum of accounting and financial management activities.  Specifically, I have:

  • designed and directed the installation of an international data communication network for reporting sales and marketing office activity.

  • initiated and designed data processing systems providing significant improvement in reporting accuracy, management control and organizational productivity during a period of rapid expansion;

  • directed the cash management and treasury function (including planning and investment of $47 million), as well as all the forecasting for 4 divisions and 15 markets.

     Additional accomplishments are listed in the enclosed resume.

     My academic qualifications include an M.B.A. and an undergraduate degree in finance.  I have been a C.P.A. in the state of Ohio since 1978.

     It would appear that a personal meeting would be worthwhile.  You can contact me during the day at (216)123-0000 or by letter at my home address.



                                                                                       Andrew Carey


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