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Resume Cover Letter Sample 2

    Resume Cover Letter given here meets the four objectives with a forceful and energetic style.  The writer of this Resume Cover Letter zeroes in on his value and how it relates to the potential employer's need.  He highlights areas in his resume that are clearly oriented toward the job he is seeking, demonstrates a knowledge of the industry, and takes the initiative by stating when he intends to call.



Mr. Robert T. McPhail
Vice President of Marketing
Lencor Industries. Inc
2002 Island Harbor
Fort Myers, Florida 20114

Dear Mr. McPhail:

     I recently reviewed with interest an article you wrote in Sales Management magazine, entitled "Motivation Through Marketing Excellence."    The marketing philosophy at Lencor corresponds to what I have accomplished on a smaller scale on my current assignment.

     As you will note from my enclosed resume, my sales and marketing accomplishments, especially at Eastern General, favorably fit your "Marketplace Management" concept.

     Because of my familiarity with your customer base and distribution network, I feel comfortable about my potential contribution to your growing organization.  My experience over the last 3 years of increasing sales in my territory by 31% demonstrates my ability to succeed.

      I will be in the Fort Myers during the third and fourth weeks of November.  May we sit down and discuss "Marketplace Management" and my strong interest in your sales group?  I will contact you the first week in November to finalize arrangements.

      I look forward to meeting with you.



Willliam J. Anderson


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