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Resume Cover Letter Sample 1

    The sample of Resume Cover Letter given here puts all four major objectives to use, stressing the writer's strength and value to the reader.  It answers 2 most important questions: "Why are you sending your resume?", and "What value can you offer us?".  The length is within recommendation of maximum 200 words and the Resume Cover Letter closes with a follow-up phone call.



Arthur C. Reese
Southwest Tooling Research. Inc
200 Mountain View Blvd.
Santa Fe, New Mexico 80801

Dear Mr. Reese:

     I read with great interest a recent article in Engineering Today entitled "Southwest Tooling's Push to Maintain Engineering Excellence."  The article talked of your plans to increase your Engineering Research Lab Team.  This emphasis on expansion appears to be a positive sign of Southwest's continuing dedication to quality service.  I am extremely intrigued by the team research concept you have developed.  The motivating force within a research team offers each member a sense of pride and accomplishment.

     The enclosed resume demonstrates my extensive, long-range commitment to tooling research.  You will also notice my own experience working with the team research concept.  It goes without saying that you are looking for the best possible people to staff your growing organization.  I feel I can offer you and Southwest Tooling substantial experience and the high degree of excellence that you need.

     I look forward to getting together to discuss your open position.  I will call you during the early part of the week beginning March 22, to arrange an interview and to discuss my possible involvement with Southwest Tooling.




Ann Carmichael


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