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Why You Should Put on the Right Clothes for an Interview

Your appearance may determine your fate when you come to a job interview. Pay attention to details and stay neat all the time.

Student Interview Clothes

1. Good Clothes Will Lead You Through the First Recruiting Stage

Of course, in different professional fields there are various features of recruiting process. In big companies, an HR-manager communicates with candidates. An HR needs to exclude as many unsuitable employees as possible, so he or she looks for lacks in a collocutor. Unprofessional or untidy appearance is what stands out first of all. If a manager needs to choose one among hundred candidates, you may get rejected only because of dirty shoes.

In other situations, it is more important for managers to listen to you and to estimate your professional skills. For example, in small companies they often interview several candidates at a time or exclude the unsuitable ones even before an interview.

You can’t know how picky your collocutor is. So, put on the right clothes to avoid losing your chance because of that simple formality.

2. It Influences the First Impression

A standard interview averagely lasts 30 minutes. But you have only three seconds to make a good impression.

The human brain perceives most of information visually. Visual stimuli are exactly what helps people form their judgements. A good suit, nice hair, and clean shoes create an impression of a responsible and important person standing before you, don’t they?

Untidy appearance and careless posture rather indicate a lazy and negligible person.

Your appearance creates people’s opinion about you, and you need to confirm or deny it later. If you look as a professional, your collocutor thinks: “Well, looks like you’ve got everything under control. Let’s check if that is true.”

And if your clothes are not tidy enough, then recruiter’s thoughts are like: “You don’t impress me, but it is possible to give you a chance.” You can save a lot of efforts if you make a good impression about yourself at once. It is much easier to strengthen an existing opinion than to make people change it completely.

3. This Shows Your Attention to Details

Mostly, you don’t have an opportunity to demonstrate your professional skills in practice during the interview. But you can certainly show your ability to complete basic tasks with no problem. Your appearance is an excellent example of such a basic task.

You might doubtfully need a skill of shoes cleaning. But the fact that they are clean says during the interview that you have common sense, understand the norms, and are attentive to details.

By thinking that your appearance “is fine enough”, you show that you are not going to exceed expectations. That is what makes you a less attractive candidate.

Good Student Job

4. It Can Add You Some Self-Confidence

A doctor wearing a white smock seems to be more competent than their colleague wearing regular clothes. Plus, scientists proved that clothes influence people’s perception of themselves. There was an experiment: the participants received similar smocks before passing tests. But one group of participants was told that they were given doctors’ smocks, while the other group was told that their smocks belonged to artists. The third group of participants passed tests wearing their regular clothes.

As a result, participants who wore “doctors’” smocks passed tests more successfully than others.

Such influence caused by clothes has been known for long. Underwear producers use this feature successfully: they promise that you are going to feel more confident and attractive while wearing their clothes.

Business style clothes increase your self-confidence as well. If you look like a successful leader, you are going to behave and feel yourself more decisive.

A good business suit will give you energy. Don’t be too lazy, put it on for your job interview.



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