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Are you a student who wants to try journalism or copywriting? Are you the one who plans to start writing a blog to share your thoughts and experience with other people? Here are useful tips about text composition from our experienced essay writers. Learn them, use them, and make you readers glad to find interesting articles.

Internet Text Complete

Determine Your Audience

Before you start writing anything, you need to decide who your reader is. This is one of the most important factors as the level of audience’s preparation influences topics you choose for your notes, examples, quantity of publications, their format, etc.

How old is your reader? The regular template “25-35” doesn’t cut it. Ten years mean a huge distance. Make it clear: are they 27 or 32? Now you have some basic info to start.

If you plan to write on a side platform, then try to diversify your text. The point is that you are often unable to predict what people will read you: they can be either newbies or specialists. So, you need to write so skillfully that you can teach newbies and impress professionals at a time.

Use Simple Language

Your language should be simple and understandable. There is one professional joke about that.

A newbie worker reads the instruction: “The valve opening can lead to a sudden pressure lose and cause health and life danger. Do not open the valve while the machine is working”.

A more experienced worker comes closer and explains this in some strong words:

-  Your hands will get cut off if you open it!

Guess which phrase is more effective.

It is much more difficult to use simple language instead of bureaucratic. You need to get deep into the point, to insert the info right into the reader’s brain without beating around the bush. You need to think in order to do that.

Remember your text should be useful for people, save their time, help them in making the right choice, and warn about changes. And you shouldn’t be afraid of giving valuable information for free. If you tell something helpful, it will be brought back to you twice. And here we can talk about the income too.

Choose the Right Format

People are used to web texts, but they rather scan Internet articles for 5-6 seconds to find some interesting information. Your task is to get rid of “waste” in your texts, to make them suitable for reading and to draw your readers’ attention.

This is what readers do: they look at the page title, scroll the page several screens down, and pay attention to subheadings, pictures, and the first words of marked lists. If they like that, they stay and read the text. If they don’t, they leave the page and go on surfing.

The summary: You need a text which is easy to read from anywhere. So, do the following:

  • Divide it into paragraphs containing three to seven sentences and devote each paragraph to one detail. It would be great if you could give them clear titles explaining their point;
  • Support the text with pictures to make it look almost as a comic book;
  • Make lists. It is easier for readers to perceive information in that form;
  • Divide long sentences into shorter ones mercilessly. Or delete them at all.

If you shape your text like that, it becomes more comfortable to read.

Check Facts

People like facts. So, make your readers happy: give “interesting points” and important facts in the first part of the article. But don’t forget: each number and each statement must be checked.

Fact Checking Internet

If you have ten checked facts and one doubtful paragraph, you are going to spend much time to explain that there is only one paragraph to doubt. They’ll point that part out, and the whole article will be considered as a doubtful one. And you’ll win fame of a blogger who is not responsible for words you say. You definitely don’t need that, do you?

Do not Make Conclusions for Your Audience

The best way to create a stable belief is to make a person come to it on his or her own. So, try to avoid making decisions for your audience and labeling things to be “the best of a kind”. Just show all facts and say: “It’s up to you what to think about that”.

Don’t forget it is not enough just to create content. You need to make it useful and invest in its promotion. You know that already. How should you promote and measure your success? Your readers’ involvement is the best indicator here. Look how deep they get into your texts, for how long they stay on the page, check if they share your texts, comment them, and if they are ready to buy a ready-made product later.  


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