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Are you a student who wants to try journalism or copywriting? Are you the one who plans to start writing a blog to share your thoughts and experience with other people? Here are useful tips about text composition from our experienced essay writers. Learn them, use them, and make you readers glad to find interesting articles.

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Determine Your Audience

Before you start writing anything, you need to decide who your reader is. This is one of the most important factors as the level of audience’s preparation influences topics you choose for your notes, examples, quantity of publications, their format, etc.

Communication with Difficult People

Difficult people deny logic and sometimes they do not pay attention to common sense. Well, maybe they seem to be like that to you. The point is that communicating with these people is difficult. But because of various reasons it is necessary for you to do that. In this article we are going to find out what types of difficult people exist and then to find certain tips on communicating with them.

The Tank

Such people like confrontations, conflicts, and all types of head-on collisions. They are fond of aggressive and insisting behavior.

The Tank


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