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Student’s Mental Toughness and How to Maintain It

It often happens that way: a person or a group of people under psychological pressure start doing things a lot worse than they could do if there was no pressure. For instance, a soccer team that misses the first goal of a game starts playing a bit worse while opponents gain additional motivation.

You can see the lack of mental toughness in sports most often. Saying more correctly, it can be seen much better there. You see the results presented by time left, goals, and any other statistical data. In everyday life, it is more difficult to see such results, but it is still possible. A boss can see how the performance of a recently criticized worker decreases. Parents can notice their children make more mistakes in essay writing when kids feel pressure.

Mentally Tough Student

It is not easy to notice such features in your own behavior, but you can do that too. You surely know how mentally stable you are if you analyze your behavior and situations when you lose control or when people drive you mad.

Let’s get deeper into the definition of mental toughness.

Make Your Distraction Useful

The process of essay writing, coursework or exam preparation is a difficult quest, requiring students to put a lot of mental efforts to finish the task before the deadline. Some papers, like Master’s or Doctoral dissertation, need you to spend weeks and months of your time to complete them properly. Of course, your mind needs some distraction in order to avoid exhaustion.  

Distracted Student

So, how can you use time of your distraction effectively?

Yes, everyone wants to be able to do that. But psychologists and neurobiologists say opposite things.


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