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Resume Writing - How to Write Perfect Resume

Resume Writing Resume writing is an essential self-marketing tool designed to sell your skills and abilities to a prospective employer.  Resume writing is the first step to get you invited for an interview.   Your resume precedes you in job search.  Until you meet your interviewer for the first time, the resume you write is all they know about you.  So, it is only clear that you need to equip yourself with some essential resume writing skills to improve your chances of winning the interview; to give yourself an opportunity to meet your prospective employer in the flesh and show what you have got to offer his company.  Here at Resume Writing Guide, we are glad to offer some resume help to provide you with the necessary resume writing skills to prepare and build a good resume that is certain to impress and catch the eyes of the prospective employer.  Clinch that important interview you deserve by building resume that wins.


Is Resume Writing Necessary If I am Not Looking For A Job?

Some people may not think building a resume is important, especially when they are not searching for a job. They think it is irrelevant to build a resume when they are employed.  However, building resume may not be a bad idea even if you don't need one now. Here are 3 important reasons why resume writing is essential even if you are not looking for a job:

  • You never know when opportunity knocks. Hence, writing your resume upfront in advance will definitely help when unexpected better job opportunity arises.

  • Resume writing can be a valuable experience as it puts your past experience, career growth and goals into perspective and helps charting the path for future growth.

  • Writing a resume in advance protects you from feeling loss and disorientated when the unexpected happens - i.e. losing your job in the economic downturn.  This is because writing your resume in advance can take some of the anxiety out of the job search.

    Now that you are convinced resume writing is not only for those who are searching for a job, you may want to build a resume for yourself too.  But before you start building your resume, get to know what resume writing is all about.  In most cases, resume writing consists of two elements:

  • a typewritten resume that contains details of your education, training and work experience.

  • a cover letter in which you state why you are writing.


    Both resume and resume cover letter will be discussed in this site.



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